The Design Network

The Challenge 

It all began when Jason Harris, co-owner of Furnitureland South—the world’s largest furniture store, located in Jamestown, North Carolina—wanted to do something different to push retail forward. He thought, “What if we created a television channel for interior design?” So, together with Harris and CNA | Sophis, that’s exactly what we did. And we took it a step further.

Our Solution

AdventureLAB was brought in to put together the strategy for how to create this new type of channel. We went beyond just a TV channel and created an online streaming platform for all things interior design. We took Harris’ ideas for the content and built a strategy for creating and pushing content for an online platform around them.

Because it’s an online platform, viewers can watch a 20-minute show and purchase products directly off the screen. It created a new avenue for furniture shopping, a fun, unique experience customers can do from the comfort of their own home.