Integrated Storytelling Master Class

At AdventureLAB we work with Integrated Storytelling by design. This is our multi-platform, multi-level method for creating stories that can be presented and experienced in many different ways and places, such as for themed entertainment and branded experiences.

Based on our insights and experience from years of working with Integrated Storytelling we have created this new, fast-track Master Class program for anyone who wants to understand and work with new narrative dimensions such as linear, digital and interactive storytelling.

new dimensions of Storytelling

Attractions, destinations, and marketers are among the many who can benefit from the power of great storytelling and its unique ability to create emotional and meaningful audience relationships and experiences. 

Behind any good story stands a well-designed structure, and carefully picked channels and media, which can communicate it to the audience in the right way. 

At AdventureLAB we don’t just write stories, we design them. We acknowledge the importance of adapting them to new media and technology. New technological achievements are not making storytelling redundant. Rather, they represent opportunities to explore and experience stories in new ways which can be unlocked with Integrated Storytelling.

introducing the integrated storytelling master class

Our Integrated Storytelling Master Class is a fast-track, one or two-day course, focused on learning and practicing principles of Storytelling and the integration of these across media, platforms, and disciplines.

As an organisation, you may have explored and applied storytelling in your work before. However, aren’t you curious to uncover how it can become a more powerful tool in your hands, and how using it you can go beyond messages and audiences to create complete worlds ready to be discovered and engaged with?

The Integrated Storytelling Master Class does include workshop and co-creation sessions, but it consists of so much more. It is a short-track, inspiring and productive journey.

The Process


Our goal is to give you a better understanding of the importance of Integrated Storytelling, how it shapes up the structure of multimedia communication, and how companies and brands can benefit from it by integrating the various principles in media and content production.

The process begins before the Master Class takes place. Before the session, we start with a constructive dialogue with you to determine what are your purpose and goals for the Integrated Storytelling Master Class.

This will helps us select the most relevant content for you, and create a custom program from which you can get the maximum benefit.

The Master Class does include recurring modules of continuously updated topics and exercises, but we select and structure the content after we get to know you and your reason for choosing a Master Class to advance your team’s proficiency in modern storytelling.


The Master Class is part lecture on Integrated Storytelling and part workshop. We integrate the learning of new possibilities with exercises to make the process more dynamic and efficient.

It is recommended to make a specific case become a part of the process so our efforts will be immediately relevant to your own work. A great choice can be one of your own past, current or future projects that you consider to approach with a new creative strategy.

We suggest that a Master Class has 4-12 participants.

However, if you have another number of people in mind, just let us know, and we’ll make it work.  


We are constantly exploring the past present and future of Integrated Storytelling.Of course, we don’t claim to know the future, but we do know what the tendencies are. Among them, we see how digital worlds need storytelling to maintain its connection with the human audience, and how storytelling evolves by audiences adopting new technologies.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Storyworld Building
  • Levels of Storytelling
  • Designing Integrated Storytelling
  • Interactive, modular and AI storytelling
  • Story-based and Themed Experiences
  • New Audience Modalities
  • Designing Brand Personalities


The output of the day is based directly on the defined purpose for having your team take part in and spend time on an Integrated Storytelling Master Class. The participants will obtain a greater understanding of what new ways of storytelling represent in terms of challenges and opportunities.

Everyone should leave with something that is immediately applicable in their work, such as for a specific project. In designing your Integrated Storytelling Master Class, our focus will not only be on the Master Class itself but what it should make happen afterward.

Your journey into new narrative dimensions begins here.


Our Integrated Storytelling Master Classes are facilitated by two of AdventureLAB’s professionals who work with the principles from the program on a daily basis.

Klaus Sommer Paulsen
is the Founder and CEO Creative Director of AdventureLAB. He has been working with storytelling and media for more than 30 years, and digital multimedia and experience design since the mid-1990s. Besides his work as a designer, concept developer and more, Klaus has been teaching student and professional programs regularly for a quarter of a century. He has designed and is teaching the only BA-level course in Themed Entertainment in Scandinavia, and is Chair of the Educational Board for VIA UC Film and Transmedia’s program in Multiplatform Storytelling and Production. Furthermore, he is a member of the Themed Entertainment Association’s International Board, as well as other boards of directors and advisors.

Ecaterina Capatina
is working as Concept Developer at AdventureLAB. She is specialised in concept development and design with a focus on the integration of story and experience. Ecaterina facilitates creative sessions and workshops as part of her applied processes for theme parks, experiential marketing and more.

Integrated Storytelling Master Class
London, February 2019

In February 2019, a short, 1-day version of the Integrated Storytelling Master Class was hosted by thenetworkone in London, exclusively for its members.

The more than 30 attendees represented leadership from creative communication and marketing agencies from Europe and the U.S., who all shares a common interest in exploring new ways of applying storytelling for brands.

Take a look at the videos above to get an impression of what was explored throughout the day, and how it was perceived.

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