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Klaus Sommer Paulsen

CEO & Founder of AdventureLAB

Klaus has been working with storytelling and media for more than 30 years and digital multimedia and experience design since the mid-1990s. Klaus has spoken and lectured for years about new narrative dimensions and themed experiences. Klaus is the author of “IntegratedStorytelling by Design”, published with Taylor and Francis Group in 2021, which will be translated and published in Chinese in 2023.

Klaus has been active on several boards for years, including Themed Entertainment Association’s EME Division and International Board of Directors. He is working with educational institutions developing and designing educational programs from PBAs to MBAs.

Latest: On stage at TEA SATE 2022

With the inspiring topic “The Exhibition Beyond” Klaus was on stage at TEA SATE 2022 in October in Las Vegas. His presentation explored innovation patterns that lead museums into the industry’s future.

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