Leard how to design themed experiences that tell stories

Take the online course “Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals” and learn how to design immersive themed experiences that engage audiences at a new level, and expand on multiple platforms

Learn how to write and design complex and rich narratives for multiple platforms and formats.

Learn how to assign the correct roles to your audience for better engagement and immersion.

Bridge story development with experience design to build the full circle of audience journey.

I loved learning about the importance of audience involvement and building a deeper, richer story experience by giving the audience choices and control of their own story. 

Doug Bain
Writer – Starts With Story


Excellent presentation in breaking down the step-by-step process of designing audience experiences as a foundation of integrated storytelling. Could not recommend higher.

Dr. Kevin Purcell
Music Director, Australian Discovery Orchestra


Strongly recommended for anyone from newly sprouting creatives to seasoned corporate marketers. Klaus will truly change the way you inform, educate, entertain, engage with, and *involve* your audience!

John Kolesar
Experience creator, CX Expert

Content and program

The next available course begins on:

  • October 13, 2021
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Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals Online Course:

Oct. 13: The Story
Oct. 20: The Audience
Oct. 27: The Experience
Nov. 3: Integrated Storytelling by Design

Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals Online Course

This course takes 8 hours in total and is divided into online 4 sessions, of 2 hours each. All the sessions are live, where the attendees are actively involved in discussions, assignments and feedback.

Session1: The Story

Storytelling is not what storytelling was. In this session, we will explore new ways of designing narratives. Topics include:

  • The evolution from linear storytelling to nonlinear narratives.
  • Designing transmedia and multiplatform storylines with modular storytelling.
  • Advancing from telling stories to designing story experiences.

Session 2. The Audience

A new and more nuanced understanding of the audience is needed, regardless of whether they are customers, visitors or any other kind of group of people. Topics include:

  • Dynamics of the new relationship between creator, story and audience.

  • Creating content for various audience modalities.

  • New audience roles from passive observers to active creators

Session 3. The Experience

Integrated Storytelling is based on the convergence of storytelling and experience design that enables the creator to bring stories to life in new ways. This session is dedicated to experience design for storytelling with topics including:

  • When the story becomes an experience, and the experience becomes a story.
  • Bridging story development and experience design.
  • Designing the audience journey at different levels of interactions.

Session 4. Integrated Storytelling by Design

In this final session of the Integrated Storytelling course, we bring the elements of story, experience and audience together to create Integrated Storytelling by Design based on project work done by the participants. Topics include:

  • Application of principles to real-world scenarios.
  • Managing complexity through prioritised simplification.
  • Defining organisational relevance, opportunities and challenges.

Requirements: You need to have a basic understanding of storytelling, this means that you either work with storytelling or have attended our  Introduction to Integrated Storytelling. You can also watch the 1-hour Introduction Video on-demand.

Group size: Up to 10 attendees

Platform: You will attend the course on ClickMeeting. Find more practical information in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page. 

Register and pay

Attendance fee: €400
(excluding VAT where applicable)

Register on ClickMeeting, and pay securely with PayPal.

Please note that this is a one-time payment. You will have immediate access to the first session, and then you will receive invitations to the three remaining sessions.

If you wish to sign up and pay with an invoice, please send your request to ecaterina@adventurelabstudio.com .

Your course instructor

Klaus Sommer Paulsen
MA IT Interaction Design & Multimedia

Besides his work as an award-winning storyteller, designer and creative director, Klaus Sommer Paulsen has been involved with professional training and education since 1995. He has designed and led many different courses and programs for various companies, associations and learning institutions, bringing theory and practice together from design thinking, integrated marketing, hybrid innovation and experience design. His trademark as an instructor and facilitator is highly interactive sessions focused on building knowledge and skills for immediate use by the participants.

Klaus is the developer of Integrated Storytelling principles and practices, a strategic design tool for creative and business development that merges story and experience in new ways. His book “Integrated storytelling by Design: Concepts, Principles and Methods for New Narrative Dimensions” published by Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, collects the theory and practice taught in this course.

Besides his work as CEO & Founder of AdventureLAB Klaus was a member of Themed Entertainment Association’s International Board, is Chair of VIA University College’s Multiplatform Storytelling & Production BA programme and is presenting an Integrated Storytelling course for a new MBA programme at the University of Tartu Pärnu College.

Who this course is for

If you work with creative development, themed entrainment, writing, game design, branding, CX, then this course is for you. Integrated Storytelling is a discipline that will provide you with new, competitive skills.

The format

Each session is held online, in a live format. It is important that each attendee is actively involved, receives immediate feedback and answers to their questions. Therefore everyone will have their camera and microphone on.

The goal

Develop integrated storytelling skills that are directly applicable to everyday work in themed entertainment, experience design, cultural heritage, branding, customer experience.

2021, Routledge
Taylor & Francis Group

Integrated Storytelling – The theory at the core of the course

The principles of Integrated Storytelling are at the core of our courses, and they are collected in the book Integrated Storytelling by Design: Concepts, Principles, and Methods for New Narrative Dimensions by Klaus Sommer Paulsen – CEO and founder of AdventureLAB and the instructor of our courses.

Used as a design method, Integrated Storytelling creates a synergy between the story and the experience, while empowering the audience with new roles and ways to immerse themselves in engaging memorable moments.

You will receive a diploma upon course completion

Meet some of our graduates

Grace Perrotta

Grace Perrotta

Show Writer for Themed Entertainment

Jennifer Berky

Jennifer Berky

Creative Producer

Pasqual Sebastià Redón

Pasqual Sebastià Redón

Show Control Software Engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering

John Kolesar

John Kolesar

Enterprise Account Manager at Electrosonic

Do you want to take the first step towards mastering Integrated Storytelling? Tell us!

If you are interested in our courses for yourself or your company, or if you have any questions regarding the program, you can write directly to Ecaterina Capatina: 

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I join the Integrated Storytelling Course without attending the introduction?

If you are already familiar with storytelling and worked with it before, you can join the course directly. However, the one-hour introduction is very helpful to understand the context and principles of Integrated Storytelling. If you can’t attend a live, online session, you can watch the on-demand presentation here anytime, and it’s always free. 

2. Are there assignments included in the courses?

Each week, at the end of the session, the participants receive an assignment, that they need to complete before the next one. We then discuss and evaluate the solutions.

3. How are the online sessions held?

To deliver the courses online we use the web-based webinar platform called ClickMeeting. All the sessions are live and the attendees receive personal invitations with the link to access the sessions. 

4. Do I need to install any software to attend a course?
No downloads and installation of software are needed. ClickMeeting is a web-based platform, which means that it is accessed from the browser. For a flawless experience, it is recommended to have the latest version of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge.

Not supported on Internet Explorer and Yandex. 

5. Can I share the link invitation with others?

The link to attend the course is personal for each participant and is connected to the email address provided by the participant upon registration. Therefore, it is not possible for others to use the same link to access the course. 

6. How can I register and purchase a course?

All the registrations and payments are made through ClickMeeting. The payment is made with PayPal.

If you prefer to pay via an invoice, this is also possible. Make sure to contact us and let us know about it. Just send an email to Ecaterina Capatina ecaterina@adventurelabstudio.com