Integrated Storytelling Training

We provide various training options, from online courses to online or on-location masterclasses and workshops. All programs equip professionals with new storytelling and experience design skills. 

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Online Courses

August 29, September 5-12-19, 2024

Integrated Storytelling by Design in 16:9 Format

Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals

Online Course

Learn how to use storytelling to design themed and branded story experiences that engage audiences at a new level.

July 10-17-24-31 , 2024

AdventureLAB Smiling Robot Girl (Created with Midjourney)

Mastering Creative Strategy in the Age of AI

Online Course

Learn how to enhance your creative process from concept to design with Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI).

October 3-10-17-24

Storytelling Without Words

Storytelling Without Words

Online Course

Learn how to design and create story experiences beyond the limits of words or language.

Masterclasses & Workshops

University / Education collaborations

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