Welcome to the AdventureLAB

We help creators and innovators develop stronger concepts, tell better stories, design unforgettable experiences and fly higher!

We are the Integrated Storytelling studio, and the core of our expertise is merging story and experience.
We use the combination of brand, story, and experience design to create unique concepts, imaginative worlds and unforgettable moments. We want to empower professionals and give them an extended understanding of storytelling principles; that is why we also cooperate with other creative studios to help them build stronger creative foundations.

AdventureLAB 360

Our approach to supporting creative teams

AdventureLAB 360 is our system of training and creative services, meeting companies’ need to grow their potential without hiring, and deliver while keeping teams agile and dynamic. It incorporates the categories Academy, Studio X and Live which support the creators at different stages – from training through co-creation, development to delivery.


Our Academy services help professionals and creatives build and improve their storytelling, experience design and creative development skills through team training, course programs, workshops and masterclasses.

Studio X

Our Studio X services help and support organisations and creative teams develop, design and deliver successful innovative concepts. We do this through facilitation, workshops, and by providing additional competencies when needed by the team.


With Live, our mission is to lead our clients and partners into the newest industry trends. That is why we collaborate with various conference organisers in setting up the program, speaker line-up, content selection, as we did for TEA@MAPIC.


MasterClasses  Workshops  Courses • University Collaborations

Integrated Storytelling Course

Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals is an online course with Klaus Sommer Paulsen. It trains you to switch from traditional ways of telling a story to designing themed experiences.

Integrated Storytelling MasterClasses

These are fast-track interactive programmes, focused on learning and practising principles of modern storytelling and the integration of these across media, platforms, and disciplines.

Studio X

Concept development  Creative strategy  Team extension • Creative process facilitation

Creative strategy

Initial strategy development with a focus on creative objectives.

Concept Development

Creative concepts for themed and branded spaces and experiences.

Storytelling by design

Integrated and transmedia story concepts and development.

Experience design

Creative and branded experiences design and enhacement.

Experiencial marketing

Audience centric marketing programs and implementation.

Creative workshops

Delivery of creative solution through workshops with the involvement of your team.

Processes facilitation

Support for your team and project facilitation in creative development.

Lectures and talks

Design and delivery of lectures focused on integrated storytelling principles.

Our methodology – The LABs

LABs by AdventureLAB are a series of creation and innovation programmes, designed by us to help you get from thought to action within a relatively short period of time. The programmes merge disciplines such as integrated marketing, storytelling, digital innovation, hybrid thinking and experience design to create platforms that will make great ideas succeed even before design and production begin.

We designed StoryLAB for the creation and application of core stories for multiple uses, such as storytelling for themed entertainment, exhibitions and brand stories.

ExperienceLAB by AdventureLAB is designed for the creation and optimisation of customer, visitor and audience experiences to not merely meet but to exceed expectations.

Selected references

We are proud members of

For many years, AdventureLAB has been an active member of the Themed Entertainment Association, with our CEO & Founder being a board member since 2011. Furthermore, we are a proud member of IAAPA, and both associations resonate with our international and creative thinking.

As members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, probably most known for the Webby Awards, we are involved with the digital world of design and as members of INVIO, we support a network dedicated to experience design innovations.

We are proud to be a part of these communities, it lets us always expand our knowledge, be inspired by and collaborate with our fellow members from a global network of world-class professionals.

 In 2021, AdventureLAB has become a partner with BoldMove Nation, with Klaus joining as the Integrated Storytelling Director. 

BoldMove Nation is based in Belgium, and represents a network of expert partners worldwide, covering every industry field with a keen eye on quality, capable of delivering fully developed attractions, from concept to story, to construction and operations for leisure, tourist and retail venues. 


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