The Challenge

How do you allow people to experience a location in an entirely new way? By using navigational information and mobile devices to create location-based storytelling.

The PodZone project began over 10 years ago and helped pioneer how to let people navigate with storytelling. When we started, we had hundreds of POIs in different cities along different routes—we basically used Denmark as a large sandbox to see what would happen and how people would use it.

Our Solution

A lot of what we learned then is what we apply now in location-based storytelling. We know what it takes to find the right locations and to create the right routes, whether linear or non-linear.

We have done PodZones with Vikings, sailors, in Danish cities, and in the Danish countryside. One example is, in Slagelse, we created two parallel routes, one for children and one for adults. The one route was catered to children, taking a story about, say, a church and adding exciting elements kids would enjoy. The other route was, in turn, catered to adults and was more fact-based and historical. Parents and children would be standing side-by-side, looking at the church and receiving the same story, but in two different ways.