In the Footsteps of the Viking King

Their Challenge

The challenge was to tell the story of one of the most famous Viking kings, Harald Bluetooth, his life and his battle with his own kin, to be experienced at the remnants of his famous fortresses, Trelleborg. 

Step by step, the audience needed to be taken through the grounds of the ancient fortress while being presented with the final chapter in the life of the king, who is also known for the Christianisation of the Danes.

Our Solution

The dramatised tour of Trelleborg was a departure from the usual practice of presenting historical information. History was now presented as mobile storytelling, engaging audiences with a new kind of narrative. This also meant that new ways of collaborating with historical experts were discovered.

The concept and content were created based on our “create concepts that use and transcend current technologies” philosophy, and today, the content is still being used on newer mobile platforms. It helped provide a 24/7 experience, that is not dependent on the opening hours of the visiting centre.