For immediate release: Integrated Storytelling By AdventureLAB takes on a new level

December 10th, 2019

AdventureLAB now provides professional training in Integrated Storytelling across industries and markets at MBA level.

AdventureLAB, the Integrated Storytelling and experience design studio based in Denmark, have expanded their professional training range in new narrative methods and storytelling by design even further with a new agreement with the Danish Marketing association. AdventureLAB will provide the association with the only courses available in Danish in Integrated Storytelling.

New storytelling formats come of age

As new storytelling formats come of age as a competitive factor, AdventureLAB continues to sign agreements with associations and universities to provide professional training in their original Integrated Storytelling design methods. Methods that are useful for creating new ways of storytelling, and ways of experiencing them, including but not limited to interactive, nonlinear, modular, transmedia storytelling and themed and branded experiences. With their latest agreements, AdventureLAB now provides professional training in Integrated Storytelling across industries and markets at various levels ranging from short sessions, courses and masterclasses to MBA level.

Professional interest and seriousness

AdventureLAB is dedicated to the invention and creation of core creative strategies, concepts, stories and experiences, has provided training, masterclasses and sessions for professionals and students for years in collaboration with various associations, agencies and learning institutions including thenetworkone, Themed Entertainment Association, Estonian Marketing Association and VIA UC Film & Transmedia. Recently, the methods and principles developed and presented by AdventureLAB have been included as part of the Service Design and Management MBA at University of Tartu Pärnu College. This is something that the studio considers a verification of not only the level of training they provide but as a confirmation of the increasing professional interest and seriousness in new ways of using storytelling.

“It is gratifying to see that professionals from across industries are showing an interest in going beyond storytelling as a buzz word and finding meaningful applications for it within their organisations”, says Klaus Sommer Paulsen, CEO & Founder of AdventureLAB.

A dynamic, living story design concept for an international market

“Storytelling is not what storytelling was,” he continues. “The same applies to Integrated Storytelling. At AdventureLAB, we use it to create concepts and core stories, either as facilitators or developers, while also doing sessions and training around the world. While the key principles remain, the concept itself is alive as the living stories that are an essential part of it. We are constantly influenced by what we learn from applying and presenting the Integrated Storytelling principles, and we use that in our continuous development of our methods and programs.”

The interest in discovering new ways of creating integrated storylines is international, and in 2019 AdventureLAB have done presentations, sessions and masterclasses in various countries and states, including Aarhus (Denmark), Moscow (Russia), Tallinn (Estonia), London (UK), Birmingham (UK) and Orlando (Florida, US) on a list of locations that is already planned to expand well into 2020.