Danish Marketing Association To offer Integrated Storytelling course

Dansk Markedsføring (Danish Marketing Association)—the leading marketing association and the largest marketing media in Denmark—will now provide four annual Integrated Storytelling courses, designed specifically for their attending members (but also non-members) and run by AdventureLAB’s Klaus Sommer Paulsen. 

Storytelling is a massively effective discipline for deepening the relationship between you and your audience, and it involves a great deal more than simply making a series of related advertisements. The power of the narrative can change attitudes and motivate people to become advocates for brands. That’s why there’s no doubt, the ability to create, share and engage people in a good story is an essential part of the marketing toolkit.

“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to collaborate with the Danish Marketing Association and to share my knowledge of and expertise in Integrated Storytelling. I believe it is an important discipline that we are going to see as increasingly relevant and necessary, especially as the dynamic between company and consumer continues to shift.” – Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Attendees of the Integrated Storytelling course will learn:

  • New storytelling techniques to apply in marketing, branding, and communication.
  • How to combine storytelling, technology, digital media, and physical and virtual spaces to create a unique experience to enhance the relationship with their audience.
  • How to work with and prioritise digital, non-linear, modular, interactive storytelling, AI, and co-creation in your marketing.
  • And much more.

The Danish Marketing Association was founded in 1927 with the purpose to challenge and inspire their members to develop businesses and drive their growth through marketing.