Storytelling By Design

Originally published on May 08, 2018

A story is not just a story.

You may be perfectly capable of writing a great short story, but that does not mean you are great at copywriting. You may be great at ads, but that does not mean that you are at the same level, when developing a core story. And you may be great at finding the essence of a narrative for a core story, but that does not mean that you can translate it into a core experiential narrative for themed entertainment or branded experiences.  

We all have a way with words, and the best of writers understand that one method does not fit all. The storytellers of the new millennium need to be open-minded to new models, as media, audience and consequently, storytelling itself evolve.  

As a storyteller, I firmly believe in the power of the narrative. As a designer, I believe that anything can be designed. At AdventureLAB, these principles are combined, as the concept, stories and experiences are deeply rooted in Storytelling by Design.  

Some of the best storytellers and experience creators I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with are masters of this hybrid approach to creating story-based experiences and experience-driven storytelling. At the same time, masters of their craft in either field achieve excellence through the realisation of when they need to work with other experts and when they need to better themselves to take their creations to the next level.   

To open up the dimensions of possibilities of storytelling by design, you will need to integrate design thinking with narrative models. The traditional story qualities including the plot and the characters take on a new life when you offer an active role to your audience, as well as the context and environment in which they experience the story such as games, attractions, transmedia etc. 

Storytelling is the great connector, and Storytelling by Design is a mindset to elevate stories unto the next level of engaging and empowering audiences. It becomes a blueprint for amazing experiences and brilliant memories.