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If you’re interested in what drives the experience industry and how multiple disciplines can come together, then don’t miss out on our new podcast.

For every episode, your host Klaus Sommer Paulsen invites a guest expert to address different ways to bring experiences to life with storytelling, theming, technology, interactive design or communication. The guests of this podcast come from different backgrounds, and you, the listener, will learn and get inspired by multiple disciplines to elevate your work.

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January 16, 2022

Episode #3 Using space, play and storytelling for audience experience design

In this episode, Klaus is joined by David Bassuk – professor and creative director, to explore the topic of immersive experience design for audience engagement. From their talk, we learn how designers and creators can use games and spatial narratives to create memorable and impactful audience journeys.

David Bassuk is currently a professor of Acting in the Conservatory of Theater Arts at Purchase College, SUNY, School of the Arts & Creative Director of White Horse Immersive in Hangzhou, China. His teaching explores the integration of theatre, transmedia storytelling, gameplay and the design of immersive narratives and storyworlds. He directs in professional acting programs, mentors students in stage directing, creative writing and designing experimental performances. 

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May 23, 2022

Episode #2 Building stronger concepts with participatory design

Theron Skees and Anthony Weiler, both with many years of experience in themed entertainment, research, and design, joined Klaus Sommer Paulsen for a refreshing conversation about the value of research and strategy for well-targeted projects and successful implementation. They tackle questions like:

  • How to know what your guests want from your next themed attraction?
  • What are the benefits of (very) early testing?
  • What are some of the mistakes big and small theme parks make when initiating projects?

We could not keep this podcast short and not share all the good insights brought to the discussion. So grab a cup of tea/coffee/soup and join us on this journey!

Anthony Weiler is a strategic, future-focused, experience design leader. He co-founded Stratos Innovation Group – a strategic design consultancy in Columbus, Ohio, USA. With years of experience as a designer, researcher and strategist, he has helped drive innovation for Fortune 100 (domestic and international) companies. Anthony is a firm believer in the use of story as a key design lens for creating and delivering memorable brand and themed experiences.

Theron Skees is a highly adaptive, solution-oriented creative executive with 30 years of experience assembling and leading multi-disciplined teams for domestic and international projects in the Themed Entertainment Industry. A veteran of Walt Disney Imagineering, he has led diverse creation, design and construction projects from hundreds of millions to multiple billions of dollars in a wide variety of experience types. Theron is the founder of The Designer’s Creative Studio.

April 12, 2022

Episode #1 The future of immersive virtual tourism

Why is virtual tourism part of the future of the industry, and how does it complement the guest’s on-location experience, rather than replace it?

The guest of this episode is Jonathan Cooper, Co-founder and CEO of Virtually Visiting – the new platform for immersive, virtual tours. The goal of the platform is not to replace on-location tourism, but to create a richer experience for visitors, spark their curiosity, and bring them closer to places that they can’t visit at the moment, or plan to in the future.

Klaus and Jonathan discuss the future of virtual tourism, the role of the tour guides, escapism, and even where the metaverse fits in all this.

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