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For every episode, your host Klaus Sommer Paulsen invites a guest expert to address different ways to bring experiences to life with storytelling, theming, technology, interactive design or communication. The guests of this podcast come from different backgrounds, and you, the listener, will learn and get inspired by multiple disciplines to elevate your work.

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Episode #1 The future of immersive virtual tourism

Why is virtual tourism part of the future of the industry, and how does it complement the guest’s on-location experience, rather than replace it?

The guest of this episode is Jonathan Cooper, Co-founder and CEO of Virtually Visiting – the new platform for immersive, virtual tours. The goal of the platform is not to replace on-location tourism, but to create a richer experience for visitors, spark their curiosity, and bring them closer to places that they can’t visit at the moment, or plan to in the future.

Klaus and Jonathan discuss the future of virtual tourism, the role of the tour guides, escapism, and even where the metaverse fits in all this.

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April 12,  2022

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