Audience activation and engagement through spatial narratives and immersive experience design


A one-of-a-kind event in the experience industry for participants coming together from different backgrounds and disciplines with a common goal –  create impactful, inspiring and engaging guest experiences that attract, engage and retain visitors.

March 15-16-17, 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark

An explorative three-day event

MasterClass, Workshop and Study Trip

Explore new ways of using spaces to create unique experiences for visitors with game and play, interaction, immersive storytelling and more. We will work with methods and tools that transform spaces from passive backgrounds into living stories that attract, engage and retain visitors.

The event consists of a MasterClass and a Workshop, where participants will learn about multi-platform storytelling techniques, audience journey mapping, spatial narrative design, engagement, and immersive storytelling. And for a complete learning experience, we will have an exciting study trip on the third day. We are preparing a highly interactive program with hands-on activities and learning through play.

This event is for anyone working with spaces as part of guest experiences. It can be especially interesting to professionals who work with exhibitions and museums, immersive and themed experiences, escape rooms, attractions or architecture. 

Online meet-up before the event

Join Klaus Sommer Paulsen and David Bassuk on Zoom for a 60-minute talk about how spaces become places enriched through immersive learning and exploration through play. Use this online event to ask any questions about our three-day program in Copenhagen.

We have an extra online meet-ups scheduled:
📍 Monday, February 27 at 15:00 CET / 9:00 am ET

To sign up, please go to or send an email telling us which day you would like to participate to

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Hosts and facilitators

Klaus Sommer Paulsen

CEO and Founder of AdventureLAB, Author of “Integrated Storytelling by Design”

Klaus has been working with storytelling and media for more than 30 years and digital multimedia and experience design since the mid-1990s. He has extensive experience with tourism, cultural heritage and museums, and has worked with training and skillset transformation of established and aspiring professionals since 2013. Klaus is the author of “Integrated Storytelling by Design”, published by Routledge, Taylor&Francis Group in 2021.

David Bassuk

Director, Producer, Educator

Currently Professor of Acting in the Conservatory of Theater Arts at Purchase College, SUNY, School of the Arts & Creative Director of White Horse Immersive in Hangzhou, China. His teaching explores the integration of theatre, transmedia storytelling, gameplay and the design of immersive narratives and storyworlds. Directs in professional acting programs, mentors students in stage directing, creative writing and designing experimental performances. Current projects include working with UNAMI, The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, designing a project called “Futurers2050” a game played across Iraq aimed at building youth motivation on the issue of water scarcity.

Organiser: AdventureLAB

The event is organised by AdventureLAB, the Integrated Storytelling studio based in Aarhus, Denmark. AdventureLAB uses a combination of brand, story, and experience design to create unique concepts, imaginative worlds and unforgettable moments. With projects in themed entertainment, cultural heritage and museums, retail and leisure, AdventureLAB and CEO Klaus Sommer Paulsen present forward-thinking storytelling and creative strategy methodologies.

Event Schedule


An interactive, lecture-based, full-day event where attendees will acquire skills and learn new principles and methodologies combining experience design, spatial narratives and audience-centric storytelling.

For the MasterClass, we invite attendees to bring any considerations, challenges and opportunities from their work to be part of the dialogue.

The MasterClass program will include the following:

Spatial Experience Disciplines: The history, principles and convergence of meaningful, magical and memorable spaces.

Defining the Spirit of Place: How spaces become places with multiple levels of meaning and value.

Collaborative Mission: Applying the principles of meaning, magic, memorability and spirit to create spatial concepts.

Reflections and Perspectives: The design principles behind making spaces into places using meaning, magic, memorability and spirit.

Integrated StoryRetelling: Creating audience-centric and audience-generated narratives using Integrated Storytelling design principles.

Multi-Sensory Memory Coding: How to create spatial experiences that remain in our consciousness.

Applications: Combining sensory memory coding with story retelling to create a place where stories come alive as part of the space.

Reflections and Perspectives: The design principles behind making spaces into places using integrated story retelling and multi-sensory memory coding.

Enter the New Machine Part 1: Spatial narratives in hybrid and digital locations in the metaverse and the multiverse.

Enter the New Machine Part 2: AI-enhanced synthetic designs and narratives that learn.

Reflections and Perspectives: What opportunities and challenges await the creators of spatial narratives in a world of mixed realities and machines that learn?

Preparing Your Next Step: How to integrate the inspiration and insights from the MasterClass.

The program may be subject to minor changes.

March 15
8:30-16:00 CET

(Including breakfast and lunch)


The WorkShop will follow principles of learning through play, where one of the main projects of the day will be to design a game. The participants will rethink how they use space and place to develop and test a gamified mission that reveals a narrative.

For the WorkShop, we invite attendees to bring their project challenges and opportunities to be part of the mission assignment of the day.

The WorkShop program will include the following:

Defining Creative Strategy: Utilising a collaborative design process to determine a solid conceptual foundation for spaces.

Constructive Gameplay: Developing spatial concepts with and through gamification and play.

Defining a spatial game concept through collaborative design and constructive gameplay.

Spatial Concept Development: Sketching concepts in physical and virtual spaces.

Designing Experiential Narratives: Immersive audience journey scripting for design and development of spatial experiences.

Scripting and building prototypes of a spatial game experience.

Walkthrough and evaluation.

Preparing Your Next Step: How to integrate the inspiration and insights from the WorkShop.

The program may be subject to minor changes.

March 16
8:30-16:00 CET

(Including breakfast and lunch)

Study Trip

An exclusive walking tour of selected Copenhagen venues. This will be a unique experience for the participants to learn from real examples of innovative spatial experience design, reflecting our MasterClass and Workshop topics.

More details and a precise schedule to follow soon.

Friday, March 17
10:00 – 15:00 CET

(including light lunch)

Key topics

Understanding the audience
Audience journey design
Creative strategy
New audience roles and influence
Immersive storytelling for themed and branded experiences
Integrated Storytelling techniques
Spatial narrative
Game design for immersive experiences
Multiverse audience agency
Guest engagement and retention

Final Ticket Prices available!
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FINAL DAY for registration is Sunday, March 5


March 15
20 tickets

You can choose to only join the first day of the event, and participate in the MasterClass, presented by Klaus and David.

5.950 DKK
5.450 DKK

(approx. € 732 / $ 793)

MasterClass & Workshop

March 15, 16
20 tickets

Sign up for a combination of theory and practice by joining both the MasterClass and the Workshop.

9.900 DKK
8.900 DKK

(approx. € 1.195 / $ 1.295)

MasterClass &
Study Trip

March 15, 17
20 tickets

If you want to skip the Workshop, you can still join the MasterClass and the Study Trip to get a more in-depth understanding of the principles.

8.400 DKK
7.400 DKK

(approx. € 995 / $ 1.076)

Workshop &
Study Trip

March 15, 16, 17
20 tickets

Sign up for the full experience with in-depth theory on the first day, practical application on the second, and an inspirational study trip on the third day.

11.850 DKK
10.350 DKK

(approx. € 1.390 / $ 1.505)

The prices for the MasterClass and Workshop include lunch and refreshments.


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Selected References 

For more inspiration please visit

Podcast with David Bassuk

Using space, play and storytelling for audience experience design

Article by Klaus Sommer Paulsen

How Spaces Become Places

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