The Sound of Witchcraft

Their Challenge

What do you do as a museum when you don’t have the large rooms that you may have liked for your museum and exhibitions dedicated to the history of witches? Along with our partner Indigo, our response to the challenge was the design and development of a core concept that benefitted heavily from the application of creative sound design.

Our Solution

The soundscapes would have worked on different levels on the theme and experience for each room, working with the size and layout of each. Ambience would have added to the perception of the spaces, while immersive soundscapes would have emphasised the theme and story of each room. Adding further depth to the experience, 360 degree directional sound used for personal experiences would have placed the visitor in the middle of the action: a few, select visitors would suddenly find themselves on trial for having performed witchcraft, surrounded by whispered accusations that could only be heard by them.

In our humble opinion, this multi-layered sound design would have innovated the use of soundscape to enhance exhibitions and reliving historical settings multiple steps forward.

If you agree and think layered, creative soundscapes like this could benefit your brand or space, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a talk.