Preserve the Latin Quarter

Their Challenge

We can say that the ultimate client of this project was the Latin Quarter area, of the Danish city Aarhus. In the fall of 2018, the Latin Quarter business and residents collective, wanted to increase awareness about some of the challenges they are facing. They wanted to inform the rest of the city and to convince the municipality that expansion of business-oriented constructions into this area would change its actual value as the oldest and most historic city area.

Our Solution

AdventureLAB has volunteered to develop an awareness campaign, that would complement their action to collect signatures in support of their cause. We have designed posters that would appeal to residents’ emotional connection to the Latin Quarter. We wanted to remind them what this place really means and how important it is to preserve it. The posters were displayed during the Høstfest (The Harvest Festival) when people from all over the city could see them.

“Who needs crooked walls when we can get straight lines of glass and steel?”

“Who needs cobblestone streets when we can get new parking spots?”

Who needs delicious delicacies when we can get cheap restaurant chains?”