Guardians of Bornholm

An adventure on the entire island with stories, riddles and games
Bornholm's Middelaldercenter

About the project

Guardians of Bornholm, from Danish Bronholms Beskyttere, is a game-based adventure on the Danish island of Bornholm. A mobile app allows tourists and locals to follow a mission and discover local stories and legends.

Bornholm’s Medival Center hired AdventureLAB to create a treasure-hunt-like experience to take tourists to popular locations around the island and visit the centre as part of their tour. The experience is designed for families with children,  as the game’s mechanics are simple. However, adults can also enjoy the stories as they dive into the historical past of each location.

Our solution

Bornholm’s Beskyttere is a fine example of non-linear storytelling and audience journey design that combines tourism with cultural heritage in an engaging, gamified experience. 

The story-based adventure contains 12 stops around the island, each with an audio story and a riddle that players need to complete. To connect all 12 locations, we create an original character Ellen, who has a mission to complete. She invites the audience to help her with her task and guides them through the adventure as a narrator of the audio stories. The stories can be explored in any order. Therefore, the audience has the freedom to create their own tour.

Players have a mission to complete to become Guardians of Bornholm! To succeed, they travel to different locations around the island, listen to stories and solve the games.

All the scripts and audio stories are available Danish and German languages. The stories are presented both as audio and written text for accessibility. 

Mobile app experience and content

To make the experience widely accessible and easy to update, we used a digital solution to design and publish the experience as a mobile tour. AdventureLAB created the visuals, wrote the scripts, directed the audio production and integrated the user flow into the digital platform.

Story and character development

The stories are rooted in local history and mythology and balance fiction and fact. AdventureLAB developed a new character with an original backstory to act as a guide and narrator.

Game and experience design

To make the experience adventurous and engaging for the entire family, we created a game where players can collect badges as they progress. The game is strongly connected to the audio stories and the physical environment at each stop. 

Bornholm's Medieval Center