Experience Industry Challenge 2021

Retail 3.0+

Copenhagen, April 23, 2021

How to sign up

Experience Industry Challenge 2021 Retail 3.0+ is a collaborative event taking place in Copenhagen. The focus of the program is the future of retail with the integration of the Experience Economy.

We split the event into two main sessions – the Speakers Session and the Workshop Session. EIC2021 will gather retail professionals to learn how to level-up the customer experience and to work together to find solutions to the challenges of present the retail industry.

Throughout the day, leading experts in the Experience Economy will participate and share their knowledge and insights on the matter.

More and more consumers want to have a blended shopping experience, where they can enjoy leisure time, browse and shop.

Meet the Experts

During the event, you will have the opportunity to get firsthand information and advice from the leading experts in the Experience Economy Joe Pine and Albert Boswijk.
You will learn about new customer segmentation methods from our guest speaker Anja Bisgaard Gaede.

The event is organised and facilitated by AdventureLAB. Your host of the day will be the CEO and founder of AdventureLAB – Klaus Sommer Paulsen, who will also give a presentation about what is beyond Retail 3.0.

Joe Pine

Retail in Today’s Experience Economy: Win the competition for customer time, attention and money

Joe is co-founder of Strategy Horizons LLP and an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor.

More about Joe

In 1999, Pine, a global leader in the Experience Economy, and his partner James H. Gilmore wrote the bestseller The Experience Economy: Work is a Theatre & Every Business a Stage, which claims goods and services are no longer enough; today, companies must offer experience—memorable events that engage each customer in an inherently personal way. In 2019, an updated version of The Experience Economy was published, subtitled Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money.

 To learn more about Joe Pine and his work, click on the logo below.

Albert Boswijk

Retail is a Dialogue: Define a meaningful Experience Value proposition

Albert is founder and managing director of Albert Boswijk Consultants BV and the European Centre for the Experience and Transformation Economy.

More about Albert

Boswijk is a leading European expert on the Experience Economy and has 30 years of professional experience in boardroom dynamics, executive teams, executive coaching. He is involved in strategic change for large corporations and manages the edge of human drives in organisations and creates organisational results. 

Boswijk is the author of several publications and co-author of several books. In 2012, Boswijk co-wrote Economy of Experiences, which sheds light on how society is currently searching for new forms of value creation, with Ed Peelen and Steven Olthof. 

To learn more about Albert Boswijk and his work, click on the logo below.

Anja Bisgaard Gaede

The future of emotional data: How can retailers navigate the consumer landscape with the use of emotional data?

Anja is founder of SPOTT trends & business, she combines neuroscience, trend-forecasting and commercial experience for lifestyle brands.

More about Anja

Anja has an MA degree in communication and specialised in fashion, consumerism and experience economy and also certified Imotions biometric researcher. Besides numerous presentations and consultations over the past 14 years, she has also published the Danish book Skab god kemi med dine kunder- oplevelesesøkonomi i detailhandlen (Customer Chemistry – experience economy in retail) and edited the anthology Fashion Film and Transmedia.

SPOTT services Scandinavian and European lifestyle brands with consumer insight, trend and colour forecast for spot-on business development. Today the art is no longer just to spot the new trends, but to target them to the individual brand. This calls for a new and innovative approach to trends which is the niche of SPOTT. They combine neuroscience, trend-forecasting and commercial experience in turning trends into business for Scandinavian lifestyle clients.

Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Beyond Retail 3.0: Trends and innovations shaping the future of the hybrid retail experience.

Klaus is CEO and Founder of AdventureLAB and Themed Entertainment Association International Board Member.

More about Klaus

Klaus has been working with storytelling and media for more than 30 years, and integrated marketing, digital multimedia and experience design since the mid-1990s.

Besides his work as a marketer, designer, concept developer and more, Klaus has been teaching student and professional programmes regularly for a quarter of a century and is currently working on courses for marketing professionals in Integrated Storytelling for the Danish Marketing Association and a new international MBA program.

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The program of the day is split into two main sessions:

We begin the day with a welcome and an introduction from Klaus Sommer Paulsen. Anja Bisgaard Gaede will join as a guest speaker with an eye-opening talk about consumer emotional data. Joe Pine and Albert Boswijk will give insightful presentations about the integration of the Experience Economy into the retail industry. We wrap up the morning with a panel discussion and a Q&A. Then everybody is invited to a delicious lunch.

The day continues with the introduction to the focus of the workshop program. You will have the opportunity to participate in a highly interactive session with guided problem solving and group collaboration. Both Joe and Albert will participate and support the groups throughout the entire program. 

Attend the full day and get access to:

Insights into retail industry challenges and innovative customer in-store experiences.

A collaborative workshop to define possible solutions for the identified challenges.

Insights into the Experience Economy from the leading experts in the field, Joe Pine and Albert Boswijk.


A follow-up report gathering statistics and outcomes of the workshop you can use in your future operations.

Practical Information

Date:  April 23rd, 2021
Time: 8:30 – 19:00
Place: Copenhagen (Venue TBA)

Program highlights:
Registration begins: 8:30
The Speakers Session: 9:00 – 12:00
Lunch: 12:00 – 13:00
The Workshop Session: 13:00 – 18:00
Networking: 18:00 – 19:00

(Last Updated on March 23rd, 2020)


Only Speakers Session Attendance:
€800 excl.VAT where applicable (60 tickets available)

Full-day Attendance:
€1350 excl.VAT where applicable (40 tickets available)

Both prices include breakfast, lunch and beverages.


We will also provide exclusive virtual access to the Speakers Session in the morning.

Only Speakers Session – Virtual Attendance:
€250 excl.VAT where applicable (100 tickets available)

Retail challenges  

These obstacles include, but are not limited to:

  • The lifecycle of a retail store is getting shorter by the year
  • Rising competition with online shops
  • Stores are falling short of customer expectations
  • Shopping becomes more of a chore than an experience for customers
  • Declining customer loyalty

Did you know about:

Preferences of many consumers

One third of consumers would rather wash clothes than visit a retail store

Main frustration of consumers

What customers want from stores

What do consumers want from a store chart

Usefulness of stores according to consumers (red) and retail executives (green)

Usefulness of Store According to Consumers and Retail Executives graph

Source of these statements

These stats were found in Capgemini Consulting’s Making the Digital Connection: Why Physical Retail Stores Need a Reboot

Why you need to participate in EIC2021: Retail 3.0+

If you’re a retailer, chances are you’re already facing some of the challenges mentioned above. And the great thing about the Experience Industry Challenge 2020 is that you can take action right away with the support of experts and fellow retailer professionals.

Be there! Be the change!

Understand what 21st-century Experience Economy is and how it can help your business
Get first-hand information about the Experience Economy and its benefits for you and your business.
Set the immediate new direction for Retail 3.0+
It is your time to bring your best to the table. Be known as a first-mover and create future innovative opportunities for businesses. Help them grow and sustain the industry.

Become a co-creator of the Retail 3.0+ Report
Your ideas will be gathered in a report summing up the collaboration and will act as a tool to inspire other entrepreneurs to grow their business and transform their mindset.

Interact directly with industry experts
Network with the best experts in the field. Participate in the process together with Joseph Pine and Albert Boswijk. Get the latest experience industry insights and learn about experience design from AdventureLAB.
Make your brand a model for retailers all over the world
Set the direction and be the inspiration for the rest of the world to move retail forward.
Build your Retail 3.0+ network
Grow your network and exchange perspectives with experts across the world. Open the door for new collaboration opportunities with like-minded professionals.
Understand the relationship between leisure and retail
Get an in-depth understanding of the interdependence between the two industries, and why combining them is the key.
Replicate the exercises in your organisation
Use the knowledge you get and pass it on to your employees and colleagues. Become a pioneer, together with your team.

Sign up   

At the moments we are receiving early sign-ups by email request. Just let us know that you are interested to participate, and we’ll take it from there. 

To receive more information about the event and tickets purchase  – send an email with your questions to:


EIC2021: Retail 3.0+

Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: eic@adventurelabstudio.com

The event is organised and facilitated by AdventureLAB – an integrated storytelling and experience design studio located in Aarhus, Denmark that is providing professional training, workshops and talks around the world.

The AdventureLAB collective is internationally recognised for a multi-disciplinary approach to combining creative strategy, storytelling, experience design, digital innovation and integrated marketing to create unforgettable moments for themed entertainment and branded experiences.
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