The audience expectations and behaviour in the post-COVID world

First published on April 19, 2021Blog: The Experience Economist

Last year we were wondering how to operate with all the restrictions in order. Now we begin considering what to do next after the reopening of the industry. A certain thing that we know is that audience expectations and behaviour have changed, and we expect some new habits to stick around in the future.

The pandemic has in either way influenced every business. It has changed the way we work, how we communicate and what we are expected to provide. These circumstances made us adapt to the new normal and implicate new standards. The question that now arises is: How can we prepare for the post-COVID audience expectations and behaviour?

The digital experiences will continue to be a strong advantage

Having an online presence is a must for almost any business that wants to keep up to date. People expect to find all the necessary information and receive services and experiences online as good as it is in person. Using digital resources is convenient and saves time, therefore we expect it to stay and develop in the following years.

Audiences will want to keep using digital services even after the pandemic ends. To create this value for them, brands need to be creative with providing better digital experiences. Gamification, online customer service, personalized experiences, expanded omnichannel are only a few methods.

Being transparent and honest is crucial in uncertain times

The increased expectation for transparency results from the rising social responsibility and awareness. In the post-COVID world, people will continue to want to know how you contribute to their safety and the sustainability of your actions. Besides explaining how you secure the execution of all safety measures, you should also provide a clear history of your operations and where your content or resources come from.

Considerations for health, finance and mobility now mix together

As a consequence of blurred borders between work, lifestyle and social interactions, we now see health, finances and mobility becoming a combined need. Therefore, brands should consider and integrate the three of them with the experiences they provide to their audience. It could include providing more options for time or financial investment or securing health safety on different levels.

Connecting to your audience as human beings and holistically understanding their wishes is even more valuable now than ever.

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