Robot Games Festival

Bornholm's Middelaldercenter

The project scope

Robot Games Festival was an event organised during Aarhus Festuge 2022. Hans Klysner, who is the mastermind behind the project and founder of Robotworkshop, had the purpose of creating a one-of-a-kind format for a robot-themed event. Robotworkshop offers teambuilding activities and workshops based on robot building and play. For this event, the scope was to enhance the visitor experience with storytelling, theming and multi-layered experience. 

Our role

AdventureLAB’s role was to elevate visitor experience with storytelling and experience design. In close collaboration with Robotworkshop and Aarhus University, we created a large-scale timeline, taking visitors through the history of robots. To add another layer of experience, we designed a quiz-based game, which could be played by children aged 12-14 or smaller children with parents. We also designed the event mascot character and elements such as banners, logos and other graphics for printed and digital assets.

Event banner design

Quiz-based game design

Event mascot character design

Robot history timeline print concept and design