Internship at AdventureLAB

Are you ready to explore the world of themed entertainment and branded experiences as a storyteller, experience designer, modern marketer or concept developer?

Apply for an internship at AdventureLAB in Aarhus, Denmark!

There are no internship positions currently available. Next internship period begins in January 2021. Contact us if you want to join us next year.

Who Are We Looking For?

You should apply for one of our internships if you are:

  • Are pro-active and independent while still being a team player—sometimes you will have to hold down the fort for a day or two, sometimes you may be out in the field on your own.
  • Want to join a smaller set-up with a big vision at an exciting time: it demands thinking like a start-up to get us where we are going, so sorry about the missing receptionist, canteen chef and multi-million dollar 3D printing and VR editing facilities. The coffee is good, though.
  • Want to feel the energy from a dedicated start-up community every weekday morning: AdventureLAB is located in the middle of Aarhus in a start-up hub with some great companies and inspiring people. We think it’s the World’s Best Office Space in Aarhus.
  • Are ready to get involved in whatever tasks we handle, both for clients and for ourselves: it is not all about coming up with concepts for theme parks or experience spaces all the time. Sometimes we will be busy working in various ways with online and social media, sometimes marketing, and sometimes it will be something completely different.
  • Are pretty fluent in English verbally and in writing. If you do well in Danish as well, consider it a bonus.
  • Are looking for a regular, non-salary internship relevant to your career for a period of 3-6 months.
  • Want to leave your mark on AdventureLAB, as much as an internship here will be designed to leave a lasting, positive mark on you.
  • Want to work in close collaboration in a small team lead by an experienced award-winning creative director, who is deeply involved and widely connected with the themed entertainment and experience industry.

Types of Internships We Offer

We are looking for the right people to join us as interns at AdventureLAB, the integrated storytelling and experience design studio recognised for its special expertise in, and passion for, themed and branded entertainment and experiences.

We are looking for talented candidates with expertise and interest in either of the following:

Storytelling Internship
Skills:  Multimedia Storytelling, Writing and/or Graphical Skills,
Concept Development, Storyboarding, Research.

Experience Design Internship
Skills:  User/Customer Journey Mapping, Concept Development,
Design Thinking, Project Management.

Digital Marketing Internship
Skills:  Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management,
Copywriting, Marketing Planning, Business Development.


Please note that the next internship period begins in January 2021. 

You may be a student of design, media, business, experience economy, marketing, moviemaking, interactive multimedia or something else. Your own special magic may be words, images, programming, strategy, innovation, storytelling, video—or getting all of it to work together. The most important thing is that you want to join us at AdventureLAB in exploring how people and places can benefit from a mix of the new dimensions of storytelling, interactive media, integrated marketing and experience design.

How to apply

If this is you, please send us your application in any digital format you would like. Tell us your reason for applying for an internship and why you should be chosen:

  • What are your future career plans, and how is an internship at AdventureLAB relevant to them?
  • What do you expect from an internship at AdventureLAB?
  • What will you bring to AdventureLab, and why should you be chosen over other applicants?

Send your application to our colleague Ecaterina Capatina, at Remember to add all the practical stuff, like where you study and when your internship should begin and end, according to your education plans. Your application may be in either English or Danish.

We will be reviewing applications and conducting interviews on a rolling basis.

We look very much forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please send them to

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

– The AdventureLAB Team


Virtual Internship  –
What is it, and how to apply?

At AdventureLAB, we have an extensive experience creating and maintaining connections with clients, partners and collaborators from around the world. We often find ourselves working remotely with our clients.

That is why, if you don’t live in Denmark or are too far to come to the office every day, we are open to setting up a virtual internship. Our collaboration will be fully or partially online with online working meetings, video conferencing, emails etc.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to apply. The application process is the same as for a regular internship.