LABs by AdventureLAB

Combining the power of accelerated programs, firestarter sessions, workshops, co-creation, creative development and team engagement to help you make great ideas succeed. 
LABs by AdventureLAB are a series of creation and innovation programs, designed to help you get from thought to action within a relatively short period of time. The programs merge disciplines such as integrated marketing, storytelling, digital innovation, hybrid thinking and experience design to create platforms that will make great ideas succeed even before design and production begin.

The programs are based on decades of experience with creative strategies, concept development, design and creative leadership in various teamwork and workshop settings around the world. In design model with predefined steps, we go from research through ideation to concept development and finally, the delivery of a set of guidelines based on what has just been created. These are to be used as a blueprint for further design and production. The steps provide a solid model to work from. However, you can still expect your LAB program to be customised to the wants and needs of you, your stakeholders and not at least, the people you want to engage with, whether you refer to them as your audience, customers or visitors. 

The steps of the LABs can be utilised in various ways, with different time frame and budgets. Variations can include how workshop-based a LAB program is, whether the workshop part is scheduled for one or two days or whether guest experts from our international network should join us. 

When attending a LAB, we strive to make it about what we can help you discover and work with within your own organisation. We often find that great ideas are already there, but they need grooming to become applicable concepts. As such, most times, we do not merely create something for you and your team. We facilitate and join the process of co-creation with you, adding bits and pieces where needed, and helping you and your team take ownership of what has been created right away. 

StoryLAB by AdventureLAB is designed for the creation and application of core stories for multiple uses, such as storytelling for themed entertainment, exhibitions and brand stories.

This program is presented and facilitated in Danish or English.

ExperienceLAB by AdventureLAB is designed for the creation and optimisation of customer, visitor and audience experiences to not only meet but to exceed expectations. 

This program is presented and facilitated in Danish or English.

TechLAB by AdventureLAB is designed to introduce new technology trends and opportunities, and how they will challenge or benefit the purpose of your organisation now or in the near future.

This program is presented and facilitated in Danish or English.