Personal Story Workshop 

– apply for a free spot at our online workshop for creative professionals in the themed entertainment industry

with Klaus Sommer Paulsen, Founder and CEO of AdventureLAB

Many industries have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the themed entertainment industry, in particular, resulting in many talented creatives losing their job positions.

We at AdventureLAB want to give back to our creative community by offering a FREE workshop in personal storytelling to help those who need to boost their promotion across platforms and learn how to do it with Integrated Storytelling.

The two-part, online workshop will result in the creation of a core personal story which can be used on various platforms for self-promotion, on the CV or in the application letters.  

And as a bonus, we will share the stories on our online platforms, if the participants wish so. 

Two-part workshop: September 8 and 11, 2020 at 3:30 – 5:30 PM CET / 9:30 – 11:30 AM ET


Free of charge 

We will select 12 participants for the group

Are you a creative professional who recently lost your position in themed entertainment due to the COVID-19 pandemic?  Do you want to write your personal core story to help you stand out and open doors to new opportunities?

Apply for a spot at our free online workshop! 

Program and outcomes

Day 1

The first session focuses on the principles of Integrated Storytelling and the direct application at these to personal storytelling.

The participants will begin to define their core story and set the stage for Day 2.


Between the two sessions, the participants will work on finalising their personal story according to the principles presented on Day 1.

Each participant is responsible for their work as they are for their narrative. It’s essential to dedicate enough time and effort to finalise the statement before Day 2 when we move on to methods of communication and application.


Day 2

During the second session, participants present their core statement to the rest of the group and receive feedback.

The other main focus of this day is the applicant of the core story on the different platforms and the usage of it for own promotion.

Your workshop instructor

Klaus Sommer Paulsen
MA IT Interaction Design & Multimedia

Besides his work as an award-winning storyteller, designer and creative director, Klaus Sommer Paulsen has been involved with professional training and education since 1995. He has designed and led many different courses and programs for various companies, associations and learning institutions, bringing theory and practice together from design thinking, integrated marketing, hybrid innovation and experience design. His trademark as an instructor and facilitator is highly interactive sessions focused on building knowledge and skills for immediate use by the participants.

Klaus is AdventureLAB’s lead developer on the Integrated Storytelling principles and practices, a strategic design tool for creative and business development that merges story and experience in new ways. He has spoken and written about the concept on numerous occasions around the world and in various media, including keynotes, masterclasses and as contributing editor of the anthology “Storytelling Beyond The Screen”.

Klaus is a member of Themed Entertainment Association’s International Board, Chair of VIA University College’s Multiplatform Storytelling & Production BA programme and is currently developing an Integrated Storytelling course for a new MBA programme at Parnu College.

How to apply

Basic information

Professional profile

Motivational Statement

To apply for a spot at our Personal Story Workshop, you need to complete a short form. It includes basic personal information, a brief description of your professional profile and a short motivation statement answering the question: “Why do you want to participate in this workshop?”.

If you have questions about the workshop, reach out to Ecaterina Capatina


We select the candidates based on their professional background and their motivational statement, to create a well-structured group, with a dynamic that all participants can benefit from.

The extend of your professional experience is not essential for participating in the workshop. Either you have 1 or 10 years of career experience, your story is what matters most.

However, you need to be a creative professional activating in themed entertainment, as we will focus on the specifics and requirements of this industry.


Last day to submit your application
August 23rd, 2020, 11:59 PM CET

Selection period
August 24-28, 2020

We announce the selection results
August 31st, 2020

AdventureLAB Academy:  MasterClasses and Workshops

This Personal Story Workshop, like many of our other training programs, includes some of the theory and practice of Integrated Storytelling.

Integrated Storytelling creates a synergy between the story and the experience while empowering the audience with new roles and ways to immerse themselves in engaging memorable moments.

We originally designed this methodology at AdventureLAB as a way of working. Today, we also train companies around the world how to implement it in their design processes. For years, we have developed and facilitated masterclasses, workshops, courses. From September 2020, Integrated Storytelling will be taught as a part of an MBA Program at the University of Tartu Pärnu College. Now we launched our Integrated Storytelling Online Certification Program. It is a fully developed, college-level program that combines theory and practice.

Please note that this Personal Storytelling workshop only includes some of the theory of Integrated Storytelling. We selected the principles that are relevant to this program. However, if you are interested in learning about Integrated Storytelling and how to apply it to boost your creative skills and career, visit our Academy Services Page where you will find our MasterClasses, Workshops and four-week courses.