AdventureLAB CEO & Founder Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Our story begins …

… back in 1995, when AdventureLAB’s founder Klaus Sommer Paulsen, just out of one of the first multimedia design schools, was asked to do a series of multimedia shows in Denmark and Germany. He set up what was eventually named The Adventure Lab, working with multimedia concepts, design and experiences working with advertising agencies and brands who wanted to explore what the new world of interactive multimedia could do for them.

Fast forward to 2011. Klaus had been working in multiple roles including producer and creative directors in new media and integrated marketing, and during that time, he focused increasingly on the experience as an in-depth way of creating engagement and excitement. Without the experience, there was no fulfilment to the communication, no matter how clever it was.

This triggered the reboot of The Adventure Lab, which came to be known as AdventureLAB.

Today, Klaus Sommer Paulsen and the AdventureLAB collective are internationally recognised for a multi-disciplinary approach to combining creative strategy, storytelling, experience design, digital innovation and integrated marketing in order to create unforgettable moments for themed entertainment and branded experiences.