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Integrated Storytelling Online Courses

Advance from telling stories to designing story experiences.

Create content for various audience modalities.

Find and apply new ways of engaging with your audience and customers.

Whether you are working with entertainment, cultural heritage, marketing, or any other discipline where storytelling helps create deeper connections with the audience, our courses will help you advance how you work. All course sessions are designed to provide theoretical insights and practical methods to understand and work within new narrative dimensions merging storytelling, experience design, and new media technology.

With the launch of the Integrated Storytelling Courses, Klaus Sommer Paulsen and AdventureLAB continue a tradition of training professionals in new story experience designs and possibilities.

We currently offer the programs in English, but we are glad to provide the content in Danish as well, to those who are interested.

The program can be customised and offered on-demand to companies and organisations who are interested in providing this training for their employees.

Your Course Instructor

The principles of Integrated Storytelling are at the core of our courses, and they are collected in the book Integrated Storytelling by Design: Concepts, Principles, and Methods for New Narrative Dimensions by Klaus Sommer Paulsen. Find the book on the publisher’s website:

Klaus Sommer Paulsen
MA IT Interaction Design & Multimedia
CEO & Founder of AdventureLAB

Besides his work as an award-winning storyteller, designer and creative director, Klaus Sommer Paulsen has been involved with professional training and education since 1995. He has designed and led courses and programs for companies, associations and learning institutions, bringing theory and practice together from design thinking, integrated marketing, hybrid innovation and experience design. His trademark as an instructor and facilitator is highly interactive sessions focused on building knowledge and skills for immediate use by the participants.

Klaus is AdventureLAB’s lead developer on the Integrated Storytelling principles and practices, a strategic design tool for creative and business development that merges story and experience in new ways. 

Klaus has been active on several boards for years, including Themed Entertainment Association’s EME Division and International Board of Directors, and is working with educational institutions developing and designing educational programs from PBAs to MBAs.

Our Online Courses

with Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals

Advanced Integrated Storytelling

1-hour Introduction to Integrated Storytelling

Integrated Storytelling Specialisation

Introduction to Integrated Storytelling 

Next available dates:

  • To be announced

This is a 1-hour, FREE introductory session.

What is Integrated Storytelling? How can I use it to transform my story into an experience?

These are among the questions we will answer in this online introduction to the theory and practice of the concept. Anyone or any company, small or big, who wants to learn new ways of moving their career or business forward, is welcome to join us online.

The key topics of the session include:


How is storytelling different from what it used to be?


What does it mean to design a story-based experience?


How does Integrated Storytelling transform digital storytelling, the application of VR technology and experiential marketing?


Who is a story and experience integrator, and what is their role in an organisation?

Attend this session for FREE.

This session is available live and on-demand

Attend one of our free, live sessions
In a live session, you can ask your questions to Klaus and actively participate with the other attendees. The registration is made on Eventbrite, where we post all our live events.


New dates will be announced soon.

Can’t wait?
Watch the entire Introduction now for free on ClickMeeting. The participation during an on-demand presentation is limited, but you can still leave your questions in the Message box, and we’ll get back to you with our answer.

Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals

This is a 4-week course with weekly 2-hour sessions.

Take the online course “Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals” and learn how to design immersive themed experiences that engage audiences at a new level, and expand on multiple platforms. 

If you work with creative development, themed entrainment, writing, game design, branding, CX, then this course is for you. Integrated Storytelling is a discipline that will provide you with new, competitive skills.

I loved learning about the importance of audience involvement and building a deeper, richer story experience by giving the audience choices and control of their own story. There are many ways to get them more emotionally involved for a lasting memory.

Doug Bain
Writer – Starts With Story
Doug completed the Integrated Storytelling 4-week online course.


Excellent presentation in breaking down the step-by-step process of designing audience experiences as a foundation of integrated storytelling. Could not recommend higher.

Dr. Kevin Purcell
Music Director, Australian Discovery Orchestra
Kevin completed the Integrated Storytelling 4-week online course.

Advanced Integrated Storytelling 

This is a 4-week course with weekly 2-hour sessions.

This course is now open for registration for attendees who completed our Integrated Storytelling Fundamentals Course.

Please contact us directly for more information –

The Advanced Integrated Storytelling course builds on methods and principles from the Integrated Storytelling course, combining more advanced principles and practices with project work. Throughout the sessions, the emphasis is on gaining a deeper understanding of the new dynamics of the audience, the story and the creator and how to apply Integrated Storytelling principles for real-life story experience creation.

At the end of the course, the attendees will have strengthened their Integrated Storytelling skills in concept development, design, analysis, project planning and presentation. They will be able to define their own set of tools to be used from project start to finish.

The four sessions of this course are as following:

1. Multidimensional narratives from strategy to concept

In Part I, we work with ways to establish and live up to criteria for success for story experience designs. We explore the possibilities with Integrated Storytelling further with even more new narrative formats.

Topics include:

  • Creative strategies for audience-centric story-based experience design
  • Defining and measuring success for Integrated Storytelling
  • Creating never-ending and multidimensional storylines

2. Memory coding from design to creation

In Part II, we explore various ways of designing experiences and methods for enhancing them or challenging perceptions to deliver the unexpected.

Topics include:

  • Multimedia, multi-platform and multi-sensory experience design
  • Designing the Before, During and After an experience
  • Expanding the reach across audience touchpoints
3. Integrated experiences from planning to the creation and beyond

In Part III, we focus on how to plan, test, implement, launch and operate an Integrated Storytelling project. Presentation and pitching techniques using Integrated Storytelling are introduced, as they will play a part in the presentation of the course project.

Topics include:

  • Designing successful Integrated Storytelling pitches and presentations
  • Innovation principles for creative development
  • Project planning from early concept to operations
4. Integrated Storytelling at work

Course projects are presented and evaluated, with the possibility of having other course attendees and external professionals reviewing them. This last session is also dedicated to analytical and organisational considerations, as well as the initial construction of each attendee’s Integrated Storytelling Toolbox.

Topics include:

  • Analysing and assessing Integrated Storytelling concepts
  • Organisational design for various creative team structures
  • The Integrated Storytelling Toolbox
AdventureLAB’s Advanced Integrated Storytelling course is an amazing way to kickstart an idea. The theory and principles presented in class are very high level and can be applied to many disciplines. The structure of the class allows participants to get feedback on their work and share their ideas for a collaborative experience.
Our instructor, Klaus, is extremely knowledgeable, and his advice alone is valuable to anyone looking to use integrated storytelling in their work.

Jennifer Berky
Creative Producer
Jenny completed the Integrated Storytelling and the Advanced Integrated Storytelling Courses


The Advanced Integrated Storytelling Course helped me understand all the creative intent and work behind the stories we experience in the theme parks and sparked in me some curiosity to keep learning about storytelling and immersive experiences.

Pasqual Sebastià Redón
Show Control Software Engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering
Pasqual completed the Integrated Storytelling and the Advanced Integrated Storytelling Courses.


I find it remarkable, given the plethora of ad hoc titles in the area of Storytelling Design and Transmedia Studies, as well as academic courses in emerging XR technologies, that the systematic approach to Integrated Storytelling – as designed by Klaus Paulsen – at AdventureLAB is not universally implemented as benchmark practice. Of course, you have to be serious about solving complex and multifaceted design interactions to fully comprehend what is offered through this approach. But, if you are to be professionally engaged in the ever-expanding opportunities for experience design, you must begin the journey here. It’s a journey that will reap countless rewards for the effort. 

Dr. Kevin Purcell
Music Director, Australian Discovery Orchestra
Kevin completed the Integrated Storytelling and the Advanced Integrated Storytelling Courses

Integrated Storytelling Specialisation Course

This is a 4-week course with weekly 2-hour sessions.
More information will follow.

The specialisation courses will focus on Integrated Storytelling principles applied to specific industries and disciplines. The first specialisation will focus on new ways of using storytelling for integrated marketing purposes. As part of the specialisation, attendees can choose between working with a suggested project or one that relates to their individual interests or business.

The program of this course is currently in development.

Please note that all the prices may be subject to change.

Course Diploma and Program Certification

All attendees will receive a diploma for each course they complete. Completion of Integrated Storytelling, Advanced Integrated Storytelling and an Integrated Storytelling Specialisation Course will earn the attendees the Integrated Storytelling Certification.

Meet some of our graduates

Grace Perrotta

Grace Perrotta

Show Writer for Themed Entertainment

Grace completed our Integrated Storytelling and Advanced Integrated Storytelling Courses

Jennifer Berky

Jennifer Berky

Creative Producer

Jennifer completed our Integrated Storytelling and Advanced Integrated Storytelling Courses

Pasqual Sebastià Redón

Pasqual Sebastià Redón

Show Control Software Engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering

Pasqual completed our Integrated Storytelling and Advanced Integrated Storytelling Courses

John Kolesar

John Kolesar

Enterprise Account Manager at Electrosonic

John completed our Integrated Storytelling and Advanced Integrated Storytelling Courses

Do you want to take the first step towards mastering Integrated Storytelling? Tell us!

If you are interested in our courses for yourself or your company, or if you have any questions regarding the program, you can write directly to Ecaterina Capatina:

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I join the Integrated Storytelling Course without attending the introduction?

If you are already familiar with storytelling and worked with it before, you can join the course directly. However, the one-hour introduction is very helpful to understand the context and principles of Integrated Storytelling. If you can’t attend a live, online session, you can watch the on-demand presentation here anytime, and it’s always free. 

2. Are there assignments included in the courses?

Integrated Storytelling Course: Each week, at the end of the session, the participants receive an assignment, that they need to complete before the next one. We then discuss and evaluate the solutions.

Advanced and Specialisation Course: These courses will be more project-oriented; thus, the participants will also have one general assignment, that needs to be gradually completed by the end of the course. We also allow selecting a personal project to work on as the general assignment.

3. How are the online sessions held?

To deliver the courses online we use the web-based webinar platform called ClickMeeting. All the sessions are live and the attendees receive personal invitations with the link to access the sessions. 

4. Do I need to install any software to attend a course?
No downloads and installation of software are needed. ClickMeeting is a web-based platform, which means that it is accessed from the browser. For a flawless experience, it is recommended to have the latest version of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge.

Not supported on Internet Explorer and Yandex. 

5. Can I share the link invitation with others?

The link to attend the course is personal for each participant and is connected to the email address provided by the participant upon registration. Therefore, it is not possible for others to use the same link to access the course. 

6. How can I register and purchase a course?

All the registrations and payments are made through ClickMeeting. The payment is made with PayPal.

If you prefer to pay via an invoice, this is also possible. Make sure to contact us and let us know about it. Just send an email to Ecaterina Capatina 

About Integrated Storytelling

Used as a design method, Integrated Storytelling creates a synergy between the story and the experience, while empowering the audience with new roles and ways to immerse themselves in engaging memorable moments.

We originally designed this methodology at AdventureLAB as a way of working. Today, we also train companies around the world how to implement it in their design processes. For years, we have developed and facilitated masterclasses, workshops, courses. From September 2020, Integrated Storytelling will be taught as a part of an MBA Program at the University of Tartu Pärnu College.

Now we are launching our Integrated Storytelling Online Certification Program. It is a fully developed, college-level program that combines theory and practice.