StoryLAB by AdventureLAB

StoryLAB by AdventureLAB is a fast-track, modular program designed with the purpose of discovering and developing your Core Story on time and on budget. Your Core Story can subsequently be used as a strong, creative and conceptual foundation and presented or experienced in many different ways, such as themed entertainment and branded experiences. The program often includes workshops and co-creation, but it consists of so much more.


Briefing and Research
The process begins with constructive dialogue and research to build a strong foundation of knowledge about your brand, the audience, the story, and its intended functions and goals.


Direction and Purpose The Creative Strategy serves as the foundation for the Core Story development and will define the role and purpose of your future Core Story.


Ideation and Refinement  This is when we let the ideas flow. It is an iterative process, where we will create and try out various story drafts and scenarios. Every draft is carefully evaluated in correspondence with the defined Creative Strategy.


Defining Your Story At this point, your Core Story is developed and delivered as a written script. The final draft is used for the manuscript, which will be prepared for its Application.


Exploring Story Applications During Application, we create examples of how your Core Story can be applied, such as when used for experiences or for social media. You will have a direction for how and where to use your Core Story in marketing, sales, organisation etc.


All material developed throughout the program is collected and carefully reviewed before being put together as your Core Story Guide Book. In this final, merging step some of the material may be adjusted to create a consistent guide, before being handed over to you as an important tool for your use your new Core Story.

The guide we provide you with can be used for various purposes, including themed and branded experiences. future presentations, introduction to your potential collaborators and partners, integrated marketing social media, and of course as a shared basis for future development within your own company.

Are you ready to benefit from the power of your core story?

We use the modular framework described above, but with it, we also make room for an individual approach for each StoryLAB, customising the program to fit your specific brand and needs.

If you want to know how this valuable, yet cost-efficient program can benefit your organisation at a fixed budget and time frame, get in touch. 

We look forward to helping you discover and utilise the power of your story.