What do you do to create a stand-out, brand-related experience as an internet service provider at the 2019 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship Fanzone? Our solution for Waoo was to design their Fanzone as an explorative space, where visitors could go searching for peculiar facts about the internet and participate in a quiz about they found out.

The space was furthermore expanded by sensory experiences such as: the smell of coffee beans (did you know that the first webcam was invented to monitor a coffee maker?), 360 degree soundscapes including the illusion of standing on the top of Mt. Everest (did you know that you have mobile internet access at its peak) and cans of spam (no further explanation should be needed here). The experience provided good fun with a direct connection to the brand for participants of all ages, who would often engage in groups, and a high rate of participants would sign up for the Waoo newsletter afterwards.

The design of the Waoo Fanzone is modular, meaning that it can shift around without being rebuilt and be reused for other events, without being precisely the same.